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We carry a huge range of gasket materials that will address anything from a water pipe gasket to a mission critical gasket in a jet engine. If you would like to decrease your development time, comply with international specifications, put in a supply chain with OTD and ZERO ppm or access people with technical insight be sure to contact us.

Gasket & Shim Industries

Founded in January 1995 in Cape Town, and serving a diverse range of industries from steel fabricators to biodiesel manufacturers, bottling plants, boat builders, aquaculture farmers, waste water management companies and more; GSI  have more than a decade of design and supply experience in their field.

We have grown, considerably and continue to innovate and refine our processes and productivity year on year. We have won numerous awards, conform to ISO 9000 and US FDA standards and ship to clients all over the world. We aim to be the biggest supplier of soft-cut components in South Africa.

Our offering

We carry a huge range of gasket materials that will address anything from a water pipe gasket to a mission critical gasket in a jet engine. 

At Gasket and Shim we bond, cnc, crease, crop, cut, die-cut, etch, form, grind, join, kiss-cut, laminate, make self-adhesive, mill, mould, press, punch, rout, score, shear, slit, split, strip-cut and turn.

Metal Gaskets

We supply spiral wound gaskets, soft metal gaskets, corrugated gaskets, metal o-rings and Helicoflex gaskets. These are for critical applications where pressures and temperatures are extreme (high or low) or safety is a significant factor.

Soft Gaskets

“Soft” Gaskets are made from many materials such as cork, paper, foam, jointing, non-asbestos, PTFE, graphite and rubber. We have CNC profile cutting, low volume and automated high volume capability. Note that we support several well-known brands including Klinger, Garlock, Donit Tesnit and Amorim.

EMI Gaskets

We make a variety of EMI gaskets to create a barrier to electromagnetic energy. A variety of materials and methods are available – please contact us directly.


The term “Seals” covers a massive range of products from Packing to Rotary Shaft Seals. Most of these we keep as standard  items. We have design and moulding capability for custom solutions. Talk to us.

Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets (PHE Gaskets)

We supply a wide range of moulded gaskets for plate heat exchangers. Can’t find a replacement gasket? Well, no problem, we can make those up for you within two days.

Foam Component Fabrication

We make foam inserts to protect your stuff when shipping. Foam is lightweight, protects from mishandling and can be precision cut to snugly fit any size or type of component. If you are transporting PC boards then you would need the Anti-Static foam inserts, which we do too

Mesh Filtration

Filter media are derived from many of our materials and include micro-pore PTFE (membranes), Open Cell Filter Foam (air and noise), Non-Woven and/or Needled Wool (old school), Woven Stainless Steel (from ‘bug mesh’ to mining) and EMI honeycomb air vents. We punch, form, slit, weld, and bond to create a wide range of filters for specific applications.


We supply Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM, Viton, PTFE, Encapsulated and Metal O-rings and Quad-Rings. O-ring chord, backup rings and wear strips are also available. We carry an extensive list of sizes.


We work with all forms of PTFE including: Virgin PTFE, Expanded PTFE, Filled PTFE, Fibrulated PTFE and PTFE film. We are able to supply brushes, tubes, rods, sheets, wear strips, O-rings, gaskets, PTFE tape, Thread Seal Tape (several grades), packing and washers.

Sound & Thermal Insulation

Interestingly, Sound and Thermal insulation are normally achieved using the same materials. Our open-cell (and closed-cell) foams improve your sound and heat situation by about 90C (or 240C with our special open-cell foams). Thereafter, materials like glasswool, rockwool and ceramic wool will take you through to 1260C


We provide self-adhesive foam, cork, rubber and sandpaper. A variety of sizes and lengths are available. Sheets can be ordered with or without adhesive.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Good ergonomics is good business. Our Pro-Mat antifatigue mats will reduce employee fatigue and absenteeism de to musculoskeletal conditions like back-pain, neck pain, leg and foot pain that are commonly associated with standing for long periods on hard or cold floors. We can accommodate any size mat request from a single-person-size to an entire factory or gym floor. Puzzle pieces also available.

Our Certifications

Gasket and Shim BBBEE Certificate
Food Quality Certificate Gasket & Shim Cape Town
Food Quality Certificate Gasket & Shim Cape Town
CSD Registration Certificate

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