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We collaborate with equipment builders to deliver better equipment by providing innovative, value-engineered components.
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In a rapidly evolving landscape, our manufacturing company stands at the forefront of innovation. We are committed to pioneering advanced manufacturing processes and technologies that redefine efficiency and quality. Our dedication to innovation is not just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about setting new industry standards and driving progress that resonates across global markets. With a focus on smart manufacturing, we are shaping the future of production to deliver exceptional value to our customers.


Our company is dedicated to driving cost-efficiency across all operations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, optimizing supply chain management, and implementing lean manufacturing principles, we help our clients significantly reduce production costs without compromising on quality. Our strategic approach to resource management and process innovation ensures that we deliver value, not only through our products but also by contributing to the financial health of our clients’ businesses.

Fast Lead-Time

We understand that time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of manufacturing, and our commitment to rapid communication reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. By ensuring quick and effective responses, we aim to maintain a seamless flow of information, support efficient decision-making, and foster strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Gasket Manufacturer South Africa
Manufacturing Company South Africa

General Converting

At Gasket and Shim we bond, cnc, crease, crop, cut, die-cut, etch, form, grind, join, kiss-cut, laminate, make self-adhesive, mill, mould, press, punch, rout, score, shear, slit, split, strip-cut and turn.

Many of our customers outsource these activities to us because of our accuracy and speed – as a result we make a variety of components.

28 Years Strong

Founded in January 1995 in Cape Town, and serving a diverse range of industries from steel fabricators to biodiesel manufacturers, bottling plants, boat builders, aquaculture farmers, waste water management companies and more; GSI  have more than a decade of design and supply experience in their field.

We have grown, considerably and continue to innovate and refine our processes and productivity year on year. We have won numerous awards, conform to ISO 9000 and US FDA standards and ship to clients all over the world. We aim to be the biggest supplier of soft-cut components in South Africa.

Gasket & Shim Staff


We carry a huge range of gasket materials that will address anything from a water pipe gasket to a mission critical gasket in a jet engine. With gaskets you just want to be able to sleep easy at night – we get it right. Contact us for a spec sheet!

Gaskets South Africa

Gasket Materials

All of our gaskets are manufactured from non-asbestos materials precision-tailored to meet your pressure, temperature, chemical or liquid requirements



We stock shim materials in plastic, copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. The thickness range is from0.05mm to 1.0mm. Special alloys (beryllium copper etc.) may be available on request.

Cork Supplier


We stock cork materials used in the automotive, heavy current and general sealing industries. Cork is a natural product and known for its ability to seal with low bolt loads. Cork gaskets are widely used in applications involving oil, fuel and solvents.

Foam Cape Town


We stock rubber based foams (neoprene, nitrile and SBR) and plastic based foams (polyethylene, polyolefin and EVA) in densities from 33kg/m^3 to 250kg/m^3. It can be tricky selecting the best foam for your application, so don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

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