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Gasket and Flange Evaluation

Just how much of a safety factor do you have? We model the behaviour of a gasket in a flange assembly. This can be done on the basis of PVRC or FSA. With EN1591 we can even model the flanges and the bolts. With gaskets you just want to be able to sleep easy at night – we get it right.

CAD / CAM / Prototyping

We maintain a full CAD/CAM department for development work. This means that you can fast-track products without risking large amounts of money on tooling.

Quality Systems

We build specific quality levels into each product depending on requirements. We are able to certify materials back to source, we can monitor production and we can setup and monitor the properties of specific components depending on your requirements.

Planned Maintenance

We will help you plan your downtime – ensuring that we have materials and replacement parts on-hand well in advance to ensure a smooth maintenance process. Work with our highly experienced team to plan now.



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Metal Gaskets

We supply spiral wound gaskets, soft metal gaskets, corrugated gaskets, metal o-rings and Helicoflex gaskets. These are for critical applications where pressures and temperatures are extreme (high or low) or safety is a significant factor.

Soft Gaskets

“Soft” Gaskets are made from many materials such as cork, paper, foam, jointing, non-asbestos, PTFE, graphite and rubber. We have CNC profile cutting, low volume and automated high volume capability. Note that we support several well-known brands including Klinger, Garlock, Donit Tesnit and Amorim.

EMI Gaskets

We make a variety of EMI gaskets to create a barrier to electromagnetic energy. A variety of materials and methods are available – please contact us directly.


The term “Seals” covers a massive range of products from Packing to Rotary Shaft Seals. Most of these we keep as standard  items. We have design and moulding capability for custom solutions. Talk to us.

Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets (PHE Gaskets)

We supply a wide range of moulded gaskets for plate heat exchangers. Can’t find a replacement gasket? Well, no problem, we can make those up for you within two days.

Foam Component Fabrication

We make foam inserts to protect your stuff when shipping. Foam is lightweight, protects from mishandling and can be precision cut to snugly fit any size or type of component. If you are transporting PC boards then you would need the Anti-Static foam inserts, which we do too

Mesh Filtration

Filter media are derived from many of our materials and include micro-pore PTFE (membranes), Open Cell Filter Foam (air and noise), Non-Woven and/or Needled Wool (old school), Woven Stainless Steel (from ‘bug mesh’ to mining) and EMI honeycomb air vents. We punch, form, slit, weld, and bond to create a wide range of filters for specific applications.


We supply Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM, Viton, PTFE, Encapsulated and Metal O-rings and Quad-Rings. O-ring chord, backup rings and wear strips are also available. We carry an extensive list of sizes.


We work with all forms of PTFE including: Virgin PTFE, Expanded PTFE, Filled PTFE, Fibrulated PTFE and PTFE film. We are able to supply brushes, tubes, rods, sheets, wear strips, O-rings, gaskets, PTFE tape, Thread Seal Tape (several grades), packing and washers.

Sound & Thermal Insulation

Interestingly, Sound and Thermal insulation are normally achieved using the same materials. Our open-cell (and closed-cell) foams improve your sound and heat situation by about 90C (or 240C with our special open-cell foams). Thereafter, materials like glasswool, rockwool and ceramic wool will take you through to 1260C


We provide self-adhesive foam, cork, rubber and sandpaper. A variety of sizes and lengths are available. Sheets can be ordered with or without adhesive.

Anti-fatigue mats

Good ergonomics is good business. Our Pro-Mat antifatigue mats will reduce employee fatigue and absenteeism de to musculoskeletal conditions like back-pain, neck pain, leg and foot pain that are commonly associated with standing for long periods on hard or cold floors. We can accommodate any size mat request from a single-person-size to an entire factory or gym floor. Puzzle pieces also available.


We carry a huge range of gasket materials that will address anything from a water pipe gasket to a mission critical gasket in a jet engine.


We provide both patterned and plain foam (3.2mm-10mm thick) by the sheet or units cut to spec. Sheets can be ordered with or without our purpose-engineered UV-proof, long life, temperature tolerant, free-film adhesive.


We stock shim materials in plastic, copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. The thickness range is from0.05mm to 1.0mm. Special alloys (beryllium copper etc.) may be available on request.

Non-Asbestos Gasket Materials

All of our gaskets are manufactured from non-asbestos materials precision-tailored to meet your pressure, temperature, chemical or liquid requirements.

Felt and Baise

We stock white engineering felt, saddle felt and baise. These are used as pads, wiper seals, filters, dust strip, anti-scratch pads etc. A variety of densities are available.


We stock solid rubber sheet and rolls in GP rubber, insertion, neoprene (commercial and 30%), nitrile (commercial and high grade), white food grade, high voltage, fine rib, abrasive resistant, silicone, viton and diaphragm rubber. Thicknesses from 0.5mm to 25mm. Rubber gaskets are used in a wide range of applications such as pipe gaskets, heat exchangers and manways.


We stock rubber based foams (neoprene, nitrile and SBR) and plastic based foams (polyethylene, polyolefin and EVA) in densities from 33kg/m^3 to 250kg/m^3. It can be tricky selecting the best foam for your application so have a look at the download and then give us a call.


We stock cork materials used in the automotive, heavy current and general sealing industries. Cork is a natural product and known for its ability to seal with low bolt loads.Cork gaskets are widely used in applications involving oil, fuel and solvents.


We carry a large stock of stainless steel mesh from the finest 0.02mm (26micron) to 4mm (4000micron), tolerant of extreme heat and cold, chemically resistant and durable.


Flange Gaskets

Standard flange gaskets in any material to suit any standard flange is available at short notice and also for planned shut-down/plant maintenance. Full-faced, Segmented, Inner Bolt Circle (IBC ring or raised).


Gaskets for Enclosures and housings and around digital display units to achieve IP ratings.  Also available are heat and electrically conductive (and non-conductive) gaskets or spacers for heat control, insulation and EMI control.

Packaging - Electronics

We supply two grades of anti-static foam. One suitable for long term applications (e.g. stores) and the other for protective packaging when transporting items.


Vibrations caused by mechanical or electrical forces wear down your equipment (or it’s mountings). Our cork anti-vibration pads, placed underneath footings or laminated to surfaces saves your equipment and your ears. Crane and train rail pads.

Sealing Strip

Weather strip, foam strip, cork strip and extruded rubber profiles are available “plain”, “self-adhesive” or “double-sided self-adhesive”


Exhaust gaskets, head gaskets and gaskets for Marine Diesel Engines. Also manhole gaskets and watertight door seals.

Equipment Protection

Wrap your items in our foam for once-off transportation, to organise your stuff in a suitcase or tool box, or to clean and organise in stores and production.

Adhesives and Bonding

Our thin foams, adhesives and double-sided tapes allow us to make all of our materials self-adhesive and easier to use in your application. Having done this for years we know what works.

Road Tankers

Manhole gaskets, flange gaskets, valve gaskets, envelope gaskets, PTFE gaskets, O-Rings and encapsulated O-Rings


Gaskets, Helicoflex seals, O-Rings and die-formed rings to suit Nuclear requirements.


Pre-cut shims in stainless steel, brass or plastic in just about any shape.


We make special anti-slip pads for watersports (SUPs, JetSki’s, Foils, Yacht Decks and Fishing Boats) and we also have a range of Rubber Flooring for humans, horses and commercial farming.

Boilers and Steam

Valve packing, boiler manhole and handhole gaskets, steam trap gaskets and flange gaskets mostly in graphite, steam resistant jointing or wire-re-enforced jointing

Food and Pharma

We provide gaskets with EU or USA FDA certified materials made in our FDA certified clean factory for drug processing, food processing and lid seals on containers.


Stainless steel, brass and copper available from 0.025mm thick up to 1mm. Cut from the roll (any length), or slit (any width).

Metal Gaskets

We supply spiral wound gaskets, Helicoflex Seals, Kammprofiles, copper washers, lead washers and Ring Type Joints (RTJs)

Mechanical Equipment

Gaskets for Pumps, Valves (including outlet valves), Compressors, Air-Conditioning, Pipework, Mixers, Centrafuges, Distillation Towers, Heat Exchangers and Reactor Vessels. Tank seals. Maintenance and overhaul for the pump, valve and actuator industries.


Along with gaskets and seals for the water and wastewater treatment, horticulture and aquaculture industries; we offer filter media (open cell foam with graded cell size, non-wovens or woven mesh) cut to size, pressed, punched, laminated or spot welded to make filter elements.

Heat Insulation

Our closed cell foams are great heat insulators so if you’re cold or hot these work well. If you are very hot (100C up to 1260C) then Rockwool, Glasswool or Ceramic wool is for you.


We supply exhaust gaskets including flat, branch, spiral, spherical joint gaskets, graphite gaskets and formed stainless steel mesh gaskets.

Heavy Current

Gaskets for Transformers, Switchgear, Switching and Enclosures


Our ProMat anti-fatigue mat, cut to any size keeps people engaged and productive and reduces absenteesim due to prolonged periods of standing in a factory environment.

Sound Insulation

Our open cell foams are excellent sound insulators. We have several options. Quick and easy to install, fom encosures keep your factory/workspace within legislated noise levels (Occupational Safety Act). If it’s noisy AND hot (100C to 1260C) then Rockwool, Glasswool or Ceramic wool is for you.

OEM Components

We supply a range of bespoke components to OEMs in special materials to tolerance.

General Converting

At Gasket and Shim we bond, cnc, crease, crop, cut, die-cut, etch, form, grind, join, kiss-cut, laminate, make self-adhesive, mill, mould, press, punch, rout, score, shear, slit, split, strip-cut and turn.

Many of our customers outsource these activities to us because of our accuracy and speed – as a result we make a variety of components.



Founded in January 1995 in Cape Town, and serving a diverse range of industries from steel fabricators to biodiesel manufacturers, bottling plants, boat builders, aquaculture farmers, waste water management companies and more; GSI  have more than a decade of design and supply experience in their field.

We have grown, considerably and continue to innovate and refine our processes and productivity year on year. We have won numerous awards, conform to ISO 9000 and US FDA standards and ship to clients all over the world. We aim to be the biggest supplier of soft-cut components in South Africa.


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