Die Cutting

Die cutting is a versatile manufacturing process that cuts materials into specific shapes using a specialized tool called a die. Commonly used for paper, cardboard, and fabric, die cutting is essential in industries ranging from packaging to automotive engineering.

Die Cutting Cape Town

Cut Through

Material cut 100% of the way
through. Can be “bagged” into bags (eg 100s, 1000s etc). If the material is thick enough can be supplied “in the sheet”.

Types of Die Cutting

Cut Through with

The tab facilitates easy
removal of the release paper. Tabs can be added before or afterwards.

Kiss Cutting Cape Town

Kiss Cut

Easy removal of the part from
the release paper. Paper can be the same size as the item or larger as shown. The unused material can be “weeded” or “unweeded”.

Kiss-Cut Dies

Kiss-cut, weeded
and rolled up

Rolled up (ease of storage and
issuing from stores). Can be single column or multi-column depending on dimensions.

DIe Cutting South Africa

Kiss-cut, de-pipped, weeded and rolled up

The drop-outs and pips
removed (so they don’t end up
scattered over the production
area). The inside drop-outs can removed or left intact.

Semi-Kiss Cut Dies


Large Format (up to 1.8×2.7m). Supplied as a sheet only. Simple to
transport and install. Some areas are cut through but 85% is kiss-cut (as a result of the large size).

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