Filters Materials

We carry a large stock of stainless steel mesh from the finest 0.02mm (26micron) to 4mm (4000micron), tolerant of extreme heat and cold, chemically resistant and durable.

Foam Filters

Open Cell Foam

Open-cell foam is a porous material with interconnected voids, offering flexibility and airflow, often used in insulation, filtration, and cushioning

Felt Filters

Non-Woven and Felt

Felt filters are used for fine particle filtration in applications like air purification, oil filtration, and water treatment.

Stainless Steel Filters

Steel Mesh

Steel mesh filters are employed in engineering for applications including air intake systems, oil and gas filtration, water treatment, and particle separation.


PTFE Vents

PTFE vents are porous membranes made of polytetrafluoroethylene used to release gases while preventing liquids and contaminants in various applications.

Bucket Filtration 

Bucket Filters

Bucket filters are utilized in engineering for applications like industrial wastewater treatment, oil and gas filtration, agricultural irrigation, and stormwater management.

Custom Gaskets

Strainer Gaskets

Strainer gaskets are seals used in conjunction with strainers to prevent leakage and ensure efficient filtration processes.

Engineering Filters

Kidney Filters

Kidney filters, akin to their biological counterpart, are employed in engineering for fluid purification, wastewater treatment, and industrial filtration processes.

Custom Filters Cape Town

Filter Disks

Filter disks are employed in engineering for applications such as air and gas filtration, water treatment, chemical processing, and particle separation.

Tube Filters South Africa

Tubular Filters

Tubular filters are utilized in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and wastewater treatment for precise filtration and separation applications.

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