Road Tankers

Manhole gaskets, flange gaskets, valve gaskets, envelope gaskets, PTFE gaskets, O-Rings and encapsulated O-Rings

Boilders & Steam

Valve packing, boiler manhole and handhole gaskets, steam trap gaskets and flange gaskets mostly in graphite, steam resistant jointing or wire-re-enforced jointing

Meachanical Equipment

Gaskets for Pumps, Valves (including outlet valves), Compressors, Air-Conditioning, Pipework, Mixers, Centrafuges, Distillation Towers, Heat Exchangers and Reactor Vessels. Tank seals. Maintenance and overhaul for the pump, valve and actuator industries.


Gaskets, Helicoflex seals, O-Rings and die-formed rings to suit Nuclear requirements.

Heavy Current

Gaskets for Transformers, Switchgear, Switching and Enclosures


Exhaust gaskets, head gaskets and gaskets for Marine Diesel Engines. Also manhole gaskets and watertight door seals.


Gaskets for Enclosures and housings and around digital display units to achieve IP ratings.  Also available are heat and electrically conductive (and non-conductive) gaskets or spacers for heat control, insulation and EMI control.

Food & Pharma

We provide gaskets with EU or USA FDA certified materials made in our FDA certified clean factory for drug processing, food processing and lid seals on containers.

Packaging – Electronics

We supply two grades of anti-static foam. One suitable for long term applications (e.g. stores) and the other for protective packaging when transporting items.

Adhesives & Bonding

Our thin foams, adhesives and double-sided tapes allow us to make all of our materials self-adhesive and easier to use in your application. Having done this for years we know what works.

Equipment Protection

Wrap your items in our foam for once-off transportation, to organise your stuff in a suitcase or tool box, or to clean and organise in stores and production.


Vibrations caused by mechanical or electrical forces wear down your equipment (or it’s mountings). Our cork anti-vibration pads, placed underneath footings or laminated to surfaces saves your equipment and your ears. Crane and train rail pads.


We make special anti-slip pads for watersports (SUPs, JetSki’s, Foils, Yacht Decks and Fishing Boats) and we also have a range of Rubber Flooring for humans, horses and commercial farming.


We supply exhaust gaskets including flat, branch, spiral, spherical joint gaskets, graphite gaskets and formed stainless steel mesh gaskets.


Our ProMat anti-fatigue mat, cut to any size keeps people engaged and productive and reduces absenteesim due to prolonged periods of standing in a factory environment.

OEM Components

We supply a range of bespoke components to OEMs in special materials to tolerance.


Along with gaskets and seals for the water and wastewater treatment, horticulture and aquaculture industries; we offer filter media (open cell foam with graded cell size, non-wovens or woven mesh) cut to size, pressed, punched, laminated or spot welded to make filter elements.

Sound Insulation

Our open cell foams are excellent sound insulators. We have several options. Quick and easy to install, fom encosures keep your factory/workspace within legislated noise levels (Occupational Safety Act). If it’s noisy AND hot (100C to 1260C) then Rockwool, Glasswool or Ceramic wool is for you


Stainless steel, brass and copper available from 0.025mm thick up to 1mm. Cut from the roll (any length), or slit (any width).

Sealing Strip

Weather strip, foam strip, cork strip and extruded rubber profiles are available “plain”, “self-adhesive” or “double-sided self-adhesive”

Flange Gaskets

Standard flange gaskets in any material to suit any standard flange is available at short notice and also for planned shut-down/plant maintenance. Full-faced, Segmented, Inner Bolt Circle (IBC ring or raised).

Metal Gaskets

We supply spiral wound gaskets, Helicoflex Seals, Kammprofiles, copper washers, lead washers and Ring Type Joints (RTJs)


Pre-cut shims in stainless steel, brass or plastic in just about any shape.

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