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We make foam inserts to protect your stuff J  Foam Inserts can be precision-cut to fit anything

This is how you prevent damage when transporting your sensitive electronic or mechanical equipment: by using cut-to-fit foam packaging. From chip boards to microscopes, surgical and medical equipment, cameras, lenses and lights, meters and gauges, drones, antennae and delicate parts required in vehicle, plane, truck and boat assembly.

Packaged tools and production kits are a must for lean manufacturing. There’s place for everything and “missing” or “used” items are instantly visible.

Our inserts are also ideal for Promotional Item packaging. Champagne and glasses or that special bottle of limited edition brandy with a cigar… all look great when snugly fitted into deep grey foam inserts and presented in a beautiful box.

For the pharmaceutical industry, ampoule and vial cases are an excellent way to contain these ultra-thin, easily breakable small glass items while allowing for ease of sorting and access. Temperature tolerant, dry and hypoallergenic, they’re a great solution.

We have a variety of colours and hardnesses and all are extremely light, making them the most cost-effective way of ensuring the safe transport or safe-keeping of your goods and equipment.


  • Close cell foam (no moisture absorption )
  • Anti-static foam available (for ESD sensitive equipment)
  • Variety of hardness (select material against shock energy)
  • Food grade and Physically Cross-Linked foam available (less corrosion or tarnishing of metal items)