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Welcome to Gasket and Shim Industries, proud distributors for Carpenter, the world leaders in polyurethane foam.

Founded by Rhodes Carpenter in 1948, in Richmond Virginia, Carpenter is the world’s leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam and polyester fibre comfort cushioning.

Gasket and Shim are proud to the sole distributors in the Western Cape for Fireseal, Carpenter’s world famous fire resistant and acoustic foam.

Carpenter was born of the entrepreneurial spirit shaped by a sharp focus on what we do best and nurtured by a passion for quality. These values are shared by Gasket and Shim and “innovation”, “total quality management” and “continuous improvement” is our daily routine.

Fireseal ™ fire retardant and acoustic foam is a global market leader.

  • Reduces noise.
  • Complies with most, if not all fire regulations.
  • No fungal growth.
  • No dust or loose fibres.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Used extensively around the world.

Available at Gasket and Shim in Cape Town (021) 551 2584

Contact us for more detail or to see one of our experienced sales guys  – sales@gasket.co.za

Fireseal ™ versatility examples

Self-adhesive lining


Laminated and die-cut

Fireseal ™ applications…


In building ducting systems


  • Air-Handling units (HVAC and extraction)

In building acoustics as a sound absorber that doesn’t burn, shed or support bacteria.


  • Above ceiling sound absorption
  • Wall panels, plain & covered
  • Mullion & Transom acoustic inserts
  • Acoustic void closures for tops of walls
  • Acoustic void barriers for suspended ceilings
  • As carpet underlay, moisture, fire and rot resistant

For substantial noise reduction


In noisy factories and manufacturing environments…

To quieten compressors and generators (*ask to see test results, they’re impressive!)

Dampen reflected sound

In hotels, hospitals and prisons


  • Mattresses that don’t burn
  • Carpet underlay that doesn’t burn
  • HVAC and Ducting systems


In the Automotive Industry


Used extensively in building buses, cars, trains, tractors and excavators.

Building Luxury Watercraft


Ideal material for use in the construction of yachts, speedboats, catamarans, cruisers…