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From smaller pilates and yoga studios, to massive gymnastic floors and martial arts dojos, anti-fatigue mats provide cushioning to prevent injury and smooth, non-slip areas to exercise.

In the workplace, insulation and cushioning underfoot are vital to prevent the fatigue, strain, injury and subsequent absenteeism and downtime that cashiers, factory workers or anyone standing on their feet all day is likely to suffer. Anti-fatigue mats are the answer. Material is available in different thicknesses and can be laid over large areas, cut to size or fitted with interlocking blocks.

Also, these mats (heavy duty) are invaluable in protecting livestock. Used in stables and particulary in dairies for they provide insulation and non-slip, easy to clean surfaces. Mats are often used in high traffic areas to reduce slipping and spreading and decrease animal anxiety, making animals calmer and easier to handle. Hooves are protected and less prone to splitting and mats.