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Gasket & Shim makes High Tech EMI Seals, door seals, cover seals, breathable vents, insulators and heat management interface materials on demand. We are a high-quality, high-capacity factory that will design or create to spec whatever you need. We have many years expertise in this field and love a challenge.

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Keeping dust and water out of your enclosures with foam, o-rings and rubber profiles.

HEAT TRANSFER MANAGEMENT SEALS with Silicone IC heat conductors and Graphite Foil

When compared with Aluminium, Copper or Paste, Graphite Foil provides superior heat spreading characteristics.


In-Plane Thermal Conductivity from 300 to 1500 w/mK – spreads heat 4x faster than Copper and 7x faster than Aluminium.

Anisotropic ratio up to 300:1 – Eliminates hot spots and protects sensitive areas. Homogenous High Purity Graphite Material – No out-gassing, out-flow or creep over time from -200C to 450C.

Foil Form – can easily be die-cut to shape minimising waste and facilitating accurate stock control. Self-adhesive die-cuts enable staff to apply exactly the correct amount, accurately, every time without training or expensive machinery.


  • LED light heat sinks
  • LED Engines
  • Chip on board LED devices
  • Power Electronic Modules
  • Motor Drives
  • Interverters
  • Telecommunications
  • SPU/GPU thermal interface
  • Hand held deices
  • Mobile Computing and large Mainframes


  • Thermal Impedance @ 200 kPa 0.66 Kcm2/W
  • Thermal Impedance @ 700 kPa 0.40 Kcm2/W
  • Thermal Conductivity @ 700 kPa (Through-Plane & In-Plane) 10 & 150W/mk
  • Thermal Resistivity (In-Plane & Through Thickness) 60 & 1230 µΩm
  • Flammability Rating 94V-0 (UL)
  • Operating Temperature -200C to 450C
  • RoHs Compliance Yes

(1) Properties are typical and may not be used to support any warranty claims and do not guarantee any level of performance. In view of the variety of possible installation and operating conditions one can not draw conclusions regarding the behaviour of a particular material in application. The user must satisfy himself that the product is suitable for his or her application before purchasing. If in doubt our staff will be pleased to assist you with samples or in finding the optimal solution.

(2) Properties for material 0.5mm thick.

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